Based on our experimentation, we have concluded that encouraging clients to install an app is more costly than providing the same functionality with a web application in an app-less manner.

We are therefore big promoters of app-less products that leverage the latest web technologies. These technologies include new web APIs like Service Workers or Progressive Web Applications (PWA).

Case study: loyalty app

A loyalty app is a nice way to engage and retain customers. Recurring revenue is always a great source of income, and it is desirable for all business.

Therefore, there is a great incentive for developing loyalty systems. And the traditional way of implementing them was with loyalty apps in the Apple Store or the Google Play store. But… installing an app is a pain for the user.

However, we found a better way to deliver the same experience to the user without forcing them to install an intrusive usually buggy application requiring a lot of permissions. We created a web application using classic web technologies.

Getting USERS to use the web application

The only missing piece was finding a good way to engage with users. For this matter, we used NFC and QR codes, as the interface is simpler than trying to convince a user to type a web URL on their phone’s browser.

The results are really compelling, as users are more likely to engage with a simple NFC or QR code than they were installing a traditional app.

Phone scanning a Wisertag NFC card
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