Wisertag Plant QR and NFC tag for plant details

In my humble opinion, the future is IoT. Things that are connected to the internet and allow you to interact with them remotely, without actually touching them or even being in the same place they are.

We can dream a lot of ideas using the concept of Internet of Things like connected coffee machines and other kitchen apparels. But we can also dream connected small items like a glass that knows it’s content and can react to it, or a pair of shoes that gives you data about your walking habits. 

One day, every item will be connected to the internet. However, for the time being, there are some major barriers that will take some time to overcome:

  • Energy: Any electronic PCB will require energy to function. It is not clear how a small item like a price tag could store and receive this energy, without being a hassle.
  • Price: IoT must be extremely cheap, otherwise already cheap items could not use it, because the IoT chip would cost more than the actual item.
  • Internet connection: How would these items exactly connect to the internet?
  • Development price: Developing an IoT solution is quite expensive at the moment.
  • Size and weight: We need IoT chips and sensors that are easy to integrate and with a really small footprint, otherwise it’d be difficult to get mass adoption.

Connected Things to the rescue

All of these reasons make developing a market fit IoT solution quite expensive for a business, which in turn makes it expensive for the end user. This reason makes IoT unusable for relatively cheap items like a plant or a business card.

This is how the market for Connected Things is born. Connected things are just items that have a tag (simple interface) you can scan with your smartphone. You can get information about it or even interact with it. Our approach to Connected Things is using NFC and QR codes. However, there might be new ways of doing that in the future.

Connected Thing: Wisertag Plants (NFC and QR code that, when scanned with your smartphone, would open details about the plant)

Connected Things don’t tick all the boxes IoT does, but they bring a new dimension to customer engagement. I’d love to buy a plant, scan a tag and quickly get all the information about it, how to take care of it, a watering log and communities around it.

Get in touch with us if you think our ideas are interesting and you want to work with us to build a more engaging world!

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