We are very excited because we have been accepted as an Alpha Startup in the Web Summit Lisbon 2019!

This means that we are currently preparing for the event, and as part of our preparation, we learned a few things that could be useful to other people attending this or future events.

1. update Company profiles in mayor sites

As part of your application, you might be asked to provide the URL to some of the most relevant company directories around the internet. It is a good idea to have them all updated and ready for investors and other visitors to see.

The most important platforms to update are:

2. complete your profile early

Ensure you don’t miss the deadline to complete your company profile. They need this information to print the Exhibition board, and if you don’t provide it on time, your company might not receive the exhibition board or even be assigned a spot to exhibit your product.

Web Summit 2019 Exhibition board for Wisertag
Web Summit 2019 Exhibition board for Wisertag

3. Record a demo video

An image is worth a thousand words, and a video even more. If you have a product, it would be a great idea to prepare a small demo video to show potential investors, visitors and anyone interested.

One of the advantages is that you could potentially present the demo video to the Machine Demo contest. You can present the product in stage and get some healthy (or unhealthy but useful) feedback.

  • Shorter than 1:30 minutes
  • Very quick introduction to problem
  • Clearly demonstrate the user solving the problem using your product
  • Close with a link to your website or email to learn more
  • Upload it to YouTube (you could start a YouTube channel if you don’t have one).
  • Upload it to Vimeo
  • Apply to the Web Summit Machine Demo contest

4. Prepare your pitch

Preparing the elevator pitch is critical, and quite a challenge for most people. I am by no means an expert on this topic, but it’s always simpler to give advice than to apply it to yourself.

  • Read the Web Summit tips
  • Shorter than 60 seconds
  • Start with a hook line. It should be something that intrigues the listener. Look for clickbait inspirations like the title of this article ;).
  • Write a simple deck with notes to clear your thoughts.
  • Record yourself doing the speach as many times necessary. Many things that we write down don’t really make sense when we say them outloud. Practicing speaking is critical.
  • This elevator pitch would be a great tool in your toolbelt anytime you meet someone interested in the product.
  • Apply to the Web Summit PITCH contest

5. Prepare something catchy to give away at the event

People love freebies, and that is a great oportunity to spread your word. You should come up with an interesting idea to give away!

  • Look for something cheap and interesting. This way you could give more, without bankrupting your company.
  • It should be catchy. People would love it if it catch their eye.
  • Think about that ahead of time, because time passes quickly. Otherwise, the day of the event will come, and you will not have time to prepare anything.
  • Think about the necessities of a crowd of 80000 people in a technology event. I bet people will have battery shortage, so giving away USB chargers could be amazing to attract the crowd. Candies and ice cream always work too :).

Good luck!

We look forward to meeting you all at the event!

Wisertag Team.

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